Calm-in Yoga

Yoga-in Calm
Bring Your Tense Body, Busy-Mind & a Willing Heart

This calming self-care class is ideal to de-stress at the end of a hectic day or week, to boost your mood and mental wellbeing*

It’s ok to be perfectly imperfect.  Let go.  Get stuck energy moving, and then be ready to draw inwards to recuperate.

What is Calm-in Yoga?

Both an active and slower-paced class aimed to be rejuvenating, mindful, calming and relaxing.

You’ll start fairly actively, moving stuck energy – shaking-off stress, tiredness and tension.  Then the pace is slowed-down, becoming more calm, mindful, breathing more deeply, exploring traditional techniques, taking your awareness inwards to nourish YOU – Your real-self.

Classes complete with a comforting deep-relaxation.

Why is it Good for Me?

It heals and restores you on all levels.   Compassionately, you’ll release stuck energy that can manifest as excess worry, stress, tightness, pain, chronic illness and tension, which you can experience physically, emotionally and mentally.

You’ll walk away feeling lighter, relaxed and better in yourself.

This class can contribute towards better quality sleep, managing mild to moderate depression and anxiety*

Trial Your First 2 Classes for £6.00 each

Class Time

Thursday (Chipping Sodbury Sports Centre)

7.45 pm Calm-in Yoga

*Please check with your GP or Health Professional on your suitability to practise Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Classes for 14 yrs+

If you are pregnant or have difficulties getting independently up and down from the floor, then please contact us first.

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