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Calm Your Mind, Energise Your Body, Ignite Your Spirit

I'm a complete beginner; is that a problem?

Not at all! All yoga-in classes are designed to be accessible to a wide range of levels of experience and fitness.  You’re in charge and you take it to whatever level that suits your body.  

Can you be too old or out of shape to try Yoga?

Definitely not. Often the media portrays images of young size 6 women bending themselves into pretzels, making us believe that this is yoga!  Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes really enjoy Yoga and take part in our classes. If you have a medical concern that you're not sure about though - please do get in touch.  

I'm not flexible/very stiff can I do Yoga?

Our classes are about creating flexibility and are ideal for people who may not be naturally flexible or very stiff.  You'll be surprised how quickly your body becomes more supple when you practise regularly.

Always listen to your body, ignore what other people around you can or can’t do and work within your limits.  

Can I lose weight doing Yoga?

Many people have found that Yoga has helped them achieve a balanced lifestyle.  In a class you’ll be doing stretching and strengthening exercises with some cardiovascular work too. Also people can experience that they feel better about themselves and more in control of their thoughts, which has also helped them address underlying issues.

Can I do yoga if I have difficulties getting off from the floor?

If you have difficulties independently getting off the floor then speak to us first, as we may be able to offer you a chair or a private lesson may suit you better until your mobility returns.

Is Yoga the same as Pilates?

Pilates is somewhat related to Yoga in that Pilates, invented in the early 1880’s, was heavily influenced by Yoga and Zen meditation. Both Yoga and Pilates practise similar postures but with different emphasis. Pilates focuses more on the physical mechanics of the body; whereas Yoga’s aim is the unity of physical movement, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to enhance mindfulness and mind-body awareness.  

What should I bring and wear to a class?

You’ll need a yoga mat, blanket and bottle of water.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have a cushion and yoga blocks for support.  If you are just trialling yoga, you can borrow a yoga mat and block - please just get in touch to check availability.  

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement - tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a short/long sleeve t-shirt would be perfect. In cooler weather, please do wear easily removable layers e.g. t-shirt, hoodie and socks. Normally we practise yoga barefooted but many wear socks

Any etiquette tips for the class?

To make sure that everyone can find that haven from the ‘everyday’ bustle there are a few things to keep in mind.  

Please arrive 10 minutes early for the class so we can all create that stillness and start together; leave mobiles completely silent or off; please don’t wear highly scented perfume or aftershave.  

At the end of each class we enjoy a deep relaxation - it is crucial to everyone’s experience that no-one leaves during this last 15 minutes.  

The only other rule is relax and enjoy!

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