Back Care Course (Private 1:1)

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Bring Your Tense Body, Busy-Mind & a Willing Heart

Why is it Good for Me?

Movement can be the best way to naturally, yet safely help ease your back pain and free your spine.

When you’re in pain, it’s natural to be cautious and avoiding moving too much. After all, it hurts!

But keeping your body active every day is one of the best ways to self-manage and prevent pain.

Key Reasons Why Back Care Course is Perfect for You

  • Safe guided stretching to relieve your back pain
  • Carefully returning your back strength and flexibility
  • Building your confidence to move freely and safely again
  • Easy-to-learn techniques
  • Improve your core strength and posture
  • Contributes towards having a happier healthier pain-free back for life

How Does the Back Care Course Work?

Using gentle, safe, yet effective exercise, the Back Care Course offers a proven solution to prevent and treat ongoing back pain or episodes of back issues.

You will be gently guided through easy movement that work with your back, focus on breathing and relaxation techniques.  It’s simple, easy-to-do exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles along your spine and release tension.

This can drastically improve your overall back health, reduce the length of time and frequency of back pain episodes and see improvement in your whole wellbeing – leaving you feeling great.

The Back Care Course has been created by expert physiotherapists, osteopaths, GP’s and yoga therapists, who are all passionate about helping people become pain free and live a normal full life.

The programme is evidence-based and has been tried and tested in the NHS.

What Should I Expect from the Course?

The Back Care Course usually consists of a series of 6-8, one-hour sessions.  You will be guided by Nazama, an experienced yoga and back care instructor who has compassionately helped countless people find freedom from back pain.

It can take 2-4 weeks before you start feeling the benefits, and by 6 weeks there is a noticeable improvement.

To gain the maximum benefits, you ought to be committed to practising movements outside of the lessons. You will have access to videos and handouts to help you with your home practice.

Self-management is a key part of caring for your back.  Techniques you learn will be your tools to manage your back for life.

What Other Have Said About the Course

“I’ve been living with back pain for nearly 20 years, and every time I had an episode it felt worse & it took me longer to recover.  

I can’t believe how quickly I went from crippling muscle spasms to being able to move freely & pain-free again.  I’ve fallen in love with Yoga” O.P

How do I Join?

The course is available privately either as one-to-one sessions or private small group.  Classes are carried out via Zoom or in-person at your home, office, school covering South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Bath, or at a Chipping Sodbury base.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Rediscover the joy of movement, relieve pain and not be held back by back pain.

Get in Touch

Feel free to call Nazama 07804598353 or email

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