Flow-in Yoga (Mon 6.15pm & 7.30pm | Thurs 6.15pm)

YogaIn Flow In Yoga
Bring Your Tense Body, Busy-Mind & a Willing Heart

Flow-in Yoga are friendly and inclusive classes that help you stay supple, toned, mindful and chilled out.

It’s about keeping it real. You don’t need to be an expert. Put the effort in, adjust the techniques to suit you, and not take it too seriously.

Stretch, get strong, make friends, relax and enjoy.

What is Flow-in Yoga?

A steady-paced, mindful & free-flowing yoga, working your whole body and calming your mind.    You’ll smoothly and mindfully move from one posture to the next, explore a range of sequences and synchronising breath with movement.

You’ll deepen your stretches and strengthen both your body and mind.

Classes are all topped off with a nourishing deep-relaxation

Why is it Good for Me?

It’ll improve your range of movement, posture, flexibility, as well as reducing stress, backpain, and boosting your emotional wellbeing – stretching and strengthening body and mind.

It’s both energising and calming at the same time.

You’ll walk away feeling happy, relaxed and more grounded – most people have their best night sleep after a Flow-in Yoga Class.

Regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, life after cancer treatments, aches and pains – including lower back pain – depression and stress.

You don’t have to be an expert, just be ready for friends, movement, calm, relaxation & fun.

Young or old. Fit or unfit. Bendy or non-bendy- it’s all good. Everyone welcome*

Classes Start from £6.00

Flow-in Class Times

Monday (Masonic Hall, Hatter Lane, Chipping Sodbury)

6.15 pm Flow-in Yoga

7.30 pm Flow-in Yoga

Thursday (Chipping Sodbury Sports Centre)

6.15 pm Flow-in Yoga

7.30 pm Back Care Yoga-in

*Please check with your GP or Health Professional on your suitability to practise Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Classes for 14 yrs+

If you are pregnant or have difficulties getting independently up and down from the floor, then please contact us first.

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